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fashion collection: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2008

So without much things to review on recently, I've decided to make a post on my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE FASHION COLLECTION. Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2008 is by far, the most exciting fashion collection I've laid my eyes on. When I first started off investigating on fashion when I was younger, I found this specific collection on style.com and thought it was very weird why such a prestige and classic brand would do a collection that is so jumbled and crazy. But that's the beauty of Marc Jacobs designs. As ya'll should know (if you don't, shame!) this collection was a collaboration between Mr. Jacobs and artist Richard Prince. You guys may have seen Richard Prince's series on nurses as well as his "After Dark" series. Well, those components became the main inspiration for the overall collection, as well as taking the color scheme from Spongebob Squarepants. How random is that right? So random that I love it. Well, everything, from coats, dresses, suits and bags, nothing was kept to the ordinary. Jackets were completely exposed in the back, bags are done in a spectrum of acid colors, suits were done in varying fabric choices, overall creating a very muddled collection, that worked. An organized chaos. 
The opening of the show featured 12 leading old-school supermodels, all dressed up as Richard Prince's nurses, complete with Louis Vuitton lace mask and nurse caps. From left: Stephanie Seymour, Eva Herzigova, Rianne Ten Haken, Anne Vyalitsyna, Carmen Kass, Natalia Vodianova, Angela Lindvall, Isabeli Fontana, Karolina Kurkova, Lara Stone, Nadja Auermann and Naomi Campbell. SEE THE MASSIVE COLLECTION AFTER LE JUMP!

Polaroid shots of the opening models. IN LVOE with the lace masks. I think out of all the girls, surprisingly Karolina Kurkova looks the best, though I'm not a big fan of Victoria's Secret models. 

The coats in the collection were done in an array of cuttings and fabrics. From the second's transparency, to Siri's (last) red silk cutting, to Caroline's slit, all the coats are very daring and doesn't confirm to the traditional sense of "the coat". Personally, I love the second and last coats. Basically give me something transparent or sheer and I'm in. There's also something very classy about the last coat, possibly its teh fabric? Though I despise the color red. 

The cardigans from the collection all look quite basic, but style in avery unconventional way. From the layering, to color scheme, all matched the feel of the collection. The last garment is actually in fact a dress with the cardigan sewn into it. The skirt look on Jessica Stam (third) is one of my favorite looks from the whole collection. 

There were some looks that featured stripes, and is probably the must-have for me, garment wise. Edita's shirt (second) and Ekat's (last) would have to be my favorites. The mix of dark blue and green, as well as varying blues worked the best for me. Maybe I'll attempt to DIY these, but they're done in sequence so I don't know how long it'll take me to make them. 

Pinks were also used throughout the collection (maybe in reference to Patrick Star?) Well regardless, Kamilla's (first) and Lily's (third) are my favorites. The sheerness, and cutting all interested my eyes from the start. It's great how easy Marc Jacobs can match the harmony of the clothes, so effortlessly. 

Now we all know Spongebob Squarepants is yellow, and the color scheme of this collection was taken from teh series, so it was quite obvious the way Marc infused Spongebob's skin tone. From skirts, to sheer dresses to cardigans and even the bags, the color really pops out, and the unconventional choice to place the color into the collection was very much right. 

Orange was also used often throughout the collection. The palette adds to warm feel to the garments. 

The skirt-suits in the collection were also interpreted in a very disruptive manner. From choices of fabric, cutting and color, the designs very all very unique, if not unconventional. I especially love what Natasha's (first) is wearing. the short cutting, combined with the sheer fabric creates a very erotic, yet sophisticated look.  

The trouser looks in the collection were very straightforward in terms of design. The loose and long shapes emphasizes the girl's legs. The sheer fabric choice for the first 3 looks are very much daring, and would only be appropriate for the bravest of bravest fashionistas. 

First batch of evening looks, all used suit materials to create interesting elements to the design. When I first viewed these a few years ago, I thought the silhouettes were very new and modern, with the restricting suit vest on the top, matched by a free-flowing skirt, all combined to create a new visionary evening wear. 

The gowns from the collection were done with tulle material. Silhouette wise, there was not one specific shape to it. Aside from the first gown, the other three used very dark deep colors, which looks quite menacing. However, the first had a very nice rainbow train to it which contrasted the other looks. 
The Louis Vuitton monogram was re-invented by Richard Prince. From paint splattered colors, to acid-punched designs, the whole look of the bag was very artsy, and would definitely become on-of-a-kind, sought-after, unique pieces in the future. 

A few more designs of the bags. 

The collage pumps done in bright colors. 

The more darker tones of the pumps. 

Jewelry wise, though the designs were very unique, I felt they were quite boring. But I guess the colors and shape did match the overall mood of the collection. From the candy to flower shapes, the chain links were very well thought-out.

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  1. Except for the nurses (which I love love love) i hated the entire thing - random is the perfect word for this! X