Thursday, November 15, 2012

MAGAZINE REVIEW: Vogue Russia December 2012

To wrap up yet another year-that-went-by-too-fast, Vogue Russia gives an old school supermodel, one of the original trinity on their cover, Linda Evangelista. You know, the model who famously said she "don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day." Well regardless of how much she earned for this, the cover was shot by none other than Karl Lagerfeld and features one of his fur designs for his Fall/Winter 2012 collection for Fendi. 
P: Karl Lagerfeld M: Linda Evangelista 

I've never been too big of a fan for Karl Lagerfeld when it comes to photography (or his designs at that), but I find this cover to be quite festive and appropriate for a finale. I've noticed Russian Vogue's been pretty stagnant when it comes to churning out stellar covers this year, so at least they were able to end it with at a high note. See the details and the accompany (and more stunning) supplement cover after le jump!

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: and then I decided I was a lemon for a couple of weeks.

Lookie here, a second consistent blogpost from yours truly. Much like the previous on, this is going to be an outfit detail post, being the vain-pot that I am. As usually, I went with a very 'boyish' attitude for my appearance around Orchard Road, but decided to mix in a bit of color blocking into my regular look. 

Basically if you guys were to raid my wardrobe, the obvious color you'd find is black and dark shades of blue and grey with white mixed in. The only obviously pop-out articles of clothing you're able to dig out are two things; a pair of bright turquoise Topman skinnies and this yellow sweater by Kris Van Assche (the former having only been worn once with much embarrassment and regret.) Check out details after le jump!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: I had chosen the path of the black sheep rather than that of the unicorns and puppies.

Well, here I am once again; in front of an empty post on my former blogspot which was initially only created for a school project. Having a lot of free time at the moment, and after much thought and deliberation, I've decided to give this whole 'blogging' thing another try. As to what kind of blogger I'm going to mold myself into? It's much too early to tell but I have a somewhat vague idea of the types of things I'm going to post here. 

So basically today I went down to Orchard Road already planning on basing my first post on today's outfit. How would I describe my personal style? I would honestly have to say my style really changes depending on my mood, but whichever 'mode' I place myself into, I always try to stay in a more 'boyish' character; trust me, I love to dress fabulous and dramatic like the next cross-dresser at Play, but I'd like to keep myself in a more subtle, yet outstanding place. Hit le jump for more details!