Saturday, October 9, 2010

magazine collection: V Magazine & VMAN

V Magazine, launched in 1999 features a mix of fashion, art, film and music. Published 6 times yearly, it's become one of my must-buy magazine besides Vogue. Primarily what I love and think stands out about V Magazine are their editorials and their fresh unique and risque photo spreads. Their covers are also something to marvel at; featuring prominent supermodels and relevant celebrities.
However, frankly speaking, I can't say the same about VMAN. Though I do purchase every issue that comes out, I solemnly do it for the eye candy that's ever so present in the pages. I find their photoshoots repetitive, un-inspiring, but hot. Give me any publication with half-naked guys and I'll buy it in a heartbeat. 
My favorite V magazines.
V58 Spring 2009 with Natalia Vodianova and an actor (it's their glow-in-the-dark cover)
V59 Summer 2009 with Naomi Campbell
V66 Fall Preview 2010 with Natasha Poly

Also something to note about V Magazine, much like other publications on the edgier side of styling, they feature recognizable designer clothes but style them in the most unique ways. Whether they're placed inside-out, stretched or shrined, all just truly inspiring stuff. Well, see LE JUMP to see my whole collection!

Friday, October 8, 2010

magazine collection: Vogue Paris

I've been a feeling a little guilt since I've been neglecting writing a post about my magazine collection, so today would be the day I do one on my Vogue Paris collection! I've always thought of Vogue Paris as the more classic and luxurious of the Vogue editions. With their select group of current supermodels and clothes which reflect the chic-parisian style, each edition brings in a new interpretation of what beauty is. Their current editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfeld has been at the helm of the magazine since 2001, and has brought in a mix of celebrities and models into the publication. 
(Sorry for the slight blurry images)
November 2007 with Carolyn Murphy and Andre
June/July 2009 with Anja Rubik
April 2010 with Natasha Poly
February 2010 with Daria Werbowy

A lot of their shoots are either done in a studio, or taken to exotic places, with a mix of controversy thrown in. From Lara's now-notorious blackface editorial, to an all-star cast of actresses promoting breast-cancer awareness, the inspiration and concepts are never ending for them. See my whole collection after LE JUMP.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

fashion show: Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

I'm actually speechless. I'm on such a fashion-high right now. Just when I thought last season's iceberg show was insane and mind-blowing, Karl manages to prove me wrong. At first when I did my Chanel review I didn't think much for the collection, just another one of Karl's practice and re-interpretation with Coco Chanel's house codes. I didn't care for the setting for I judged by the pictures alone that it looked quite generic. However, after watching the actual fashion show, I've changed my mind. This is probably the best fashion show I've seen in my life. From the setting, the soundtrack and the choreography, I was actually moved; though some of the models did look a little confused over the directions, especially during the last few looks, but I find myself liking this part of the show the most. I especially loved the part when Heidi and Sasha had to slow down and cautiously take baby steps so they won't go too fast, and you see Coco on the other side doing the same thing. (this happens in part 2)
The opening, with Stella and Freja was also amazing. The way both entered and moved at the same exact pace followed by the sounds of the orchestra and you see the overall shot of the whole Grand Palais... I'm just speechless. If you're too lazy to watch the whole thing, at least watch the first minute and a half of the show. Seriously.
See part 2 of the video AFTER LE JUMP.

magazine collection: Vogue Italia September 2010

So here's my post on the massive Vogue Italia I just got today. Basically what's special about this September issue is the 3-D factor of their photoshoot. Meisel's story with Miranda would've been an ordinary studio shoot if it weren't for the 3-D effects. 
 Basically when I found it at Kinokuniya, it was in a huge package and came with FIVE supplements. more on that AFTER LE JUMP.

magazine haul: October 7, 2010

So after school today I decided to make a round trip through town to check Kinokuniya out. I was in desperate need for the September issue of Vogue Italia, and today I had a feeling it was going to be in stock. Unbelievably I was right! With only one copy on the shelve I felt very lucky, but what I didn't realize was how big the package was going to be! (will do a separate post on it!) The whole time I was just smiling and giddy because I also got my copy of the 90th anniversary issue of Vogue Paris! I made the right choice of going today :).
So this a small pile of my purhcases. Only bought a few, since I bought a lot less than a week ago! I'm spending so much money on magazine, but what can I say, I'm addicted! Now the only magazine left on my to-buy list is the September issue of Vogue China, but at this point I'm pretty much sure it's gone. But oh well, no big deal. If I didn't get this issue of Vogue Italia I would die. CLICK LE JUMP TO SEE EVERYTHING.

fashion collection: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011

Marc Jacob's latest collection for Louis Vuitton was a mix of Art Deco, Art Noveau, orientalism and animal prints. Basically everything I learnt from textiles class last year. Close were very reminisce of ancient Chinese uniform, through the sleeves, collar and cut. Applique were also very much reflective of the Art Deco movement, the small touches that made this collection very spectacular. Animal prints were also incorporated in the last half of the looks, with zebras and giraffes printed on every skirt, dress and tops. 
Color scheme was very vibrant and bright (like his own name-sake collection back in New York), a lot of fuchsia, turquoise and yellow in silk metallic hues. Nouveau prints were also adorned across some of the dresses with flowers and stems which brings even more of the oriental inspiration in. Overall I feel the mood of the collection is more youthful and daring as compared to last season's 50's inspired collection. Can't wait to see these next year! see more after LE JUMP.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fashion collection: Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

Initially I was going to do a review on the latest Chanel collection. However, after seeing the mammoth of a collection Karl has made, I had to re-think then decided on not doing it. There were simply too many looks and it would be too much trouble to try and sort it out one-by-one.  BUT NOW, I am finding any excuse to not do my school work at the moment, so I decided, since Chanel is one of the few BIG fashion houses today, might as well do a review on it. So here it is !
 I am however, not going to do much in-depth review, only going to point out main factors each look brings in to the collection, you guys can judge for yourselves. Basically the idea behind the collection was fairly similar with Karl’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection for Fendi; the idea of things being un-finished. As you can see from the jacket Stella (who opened) is wearing, Karl has directly cut out holes (GASP!) on them. As you will see from what I’ve gathered, a lot of the garments are undone at the hemming and edges are also fraying. The collection also featured two giant umbrellas (one being hold by Karlie above) and had a surprise model appearnce by this super duper cute 2 year old <3 How adorable is that tweed jacket on him? I’m in love. Too bad it’ll probably only going to fit him for a year or so then he’ll out-grow it. Well anyway… without any more fusses, CLICK LE JUMP TO SEE MOOOST OF THE LOOKS I'VE COMPLIED (ITS ALOT).

Candy Fall/Winter 2010: James Franco by Terry Richardson

Wow. Just... WOW. When I saw Candy's first issue with Luke Worral on the cover, I figured this was just going to be another gimmick publication. But I was wrong. For their second issue, they've managed to nab James Franco on the cover. But it's not ordinary cover, oh no. He's actually willing to turn himself in drag. AMAZING. Coming from an actor who's very versatile in his acting, I'm not that all surprised he actually took on the part. After his famous roles in Milk, Pineapple Express as well as Spiderman, his ability to transform himself into any role is obvious. 
I so-desperately want a copy of this just for the sake of having a transversal magazine. How cool right? The shoots from inside their first issue looked good and I know without a doubt this issue is very promising. Well this cover is shot by none other than Terry Richardson and though the eye make-up is slightly un-flattering on Franco, he fits the part of a drag very very very very well. Bless him. See another photo after LE JUMP. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

fashion collection: Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011

Stefano Pilati's latest collection for Yves Saint Laurent's was a more modern update to the classic pieces Saint Laurent was known for. From trenchcoats, blouses and the Le Smoking, all were interpreted to the 21st century through Pilati's vision. A mix of color, texture and ruffles were all added to the heady mix of a magnifixent, minimalist collection. The classic code that Yves Saint Laurent is known for is still very much present in the collection, just maybe more extroverted. 
I did notice that a big majority of these looks were very night-wear looks, though some are definitely looks meant for day-wear. With belted waists and some very light-weight, free-flowing fabrics, the classic Spring/Summer feel is achieved. However, I did notice a certain fabric in the collection that I feel may be a little out of place from collection; more on that AFTER LE JUMP. 

British Vogue November 2010: Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan

Well guys, here's the November cover for British Vogue. Unxepectedly, Lara Stone got the cover while rumors had it that Rosie Huntington Whiteley was going to get it, but hey, I'll take Lara over Rosie anyday. This is actually her second British Vogue cover, her first one being in December of last year. It's great to see them style Lara in a more serene and softer fashion as compared to what Vogue Paris or Italia would do. The signature Lara elements are almost all present, her gap, her bleached brows, doe-eyed stare, except for her notorious boobs; they've decided to cover them completely which I think is a good and appropriate idea that made this cover worked.  
Lara has just recently became more mainstream. With her W cover for August of last year, I already had a sense that she's slowly gaining momentum. Then afterwards, scoring the December issue of British Vogue (her Vogue cover counts totaled up to around 6 last year!) I knew her public image was going to explode into the public eyes. I'm just so happy for her now. Having known her history in the fashion world (started working at the age of 16, now 27) she's come a long way. From her stints at rehab to the controversy with her weight, she's had to deal with so much. But now that's she's settled down with a new husband just earlier this year, things seems to have calmed down a bit for Lara.
Lara Stone-aside, to be honest I actually have no idea what she's wearing on the cover... but the pose, red font and placement of words reminded me so much of Jessica Stam's August 2007 cover. SEE THAT COVER AFTER LE JUMP. 

blesssssss her < 3

Bet you've never seen the devil act this way.

Anna Wintour caught in a very awkward pose during the Nina Ricci show. Wonder what caused her to do this?

source: dailyfrontrow

fashion collection: Givenchy Spring/Summer 2011

Riccardo Tisci's vision for Givenchy is slowly turning away from his usual gothic, Catholic influences and are absorbing different forms of inspirations. Last season we saw Tisci experimenting with prints (Christmas ones to be exact), this season he does the same, but with leopard. And how about last season's heavily structured coats? replaced by sheer fabrics draped over the body. I personaly adore the layering and colors done in the collection. The leopard print is also very define. I find his interpretation of the classical pattern fresh, focusing more on the dark lines, instead of say what Cavalli or Gabbana would do with it. 
The color palette for the collection is very basic. Black, white and a hint of cream, but with lots and lots of leopard print. Whether it's cleverly embossed on leather or printed faintly on the organza, it's everywhere. Model choice wise, Tisci choose to go with a few new faces. Natasha Poly made her first (as far as I know) appearance on the runway in Paris. Tisci's transgender assistant, Lea. T also joined the line up to my surprise, and it's great that Tisci's involving every type of woman from race, age and even gender into his shows. Kudos. SEE MORE AFTER LE JUMP. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

fashion collection: Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2011

Viktor & Rolf has once again presented another collection that I could only imagine. In fact, I wouldn't even dream of concocting such an exciting and visionary collection. The main inspiration for the collection came from "to riff on a man's shirt", though it's interesting to see such an easy and basic idea interpreted in a much more extravagant scale.  Outfits included dresses with four sets of collars and cuffs, shirtdresses that were fitted onto one side, while the other dangles softly like a very loose dress. These idea came together to form a collection that is truly only possibly done by Viktor & Rolf.
The color palette for the collection included blues, reds and basic black & white. The blue and red fabrics used were done in strips of ribbons in an array of respective shades. The two classing colors almost brought in an elements reference to me, the idea of fire VS water. Bu that's only seen if garments are placed side by side. The white and black dresses were very formally done, appropriate for any special events but only if you wish to dress more daring and stand out. It's no doubt the Viktor & Rolf wearer has a lot of confidence and isn't afraid to get a few stares from on-lookers. SEE THE WHOLE COLLECTION AFTER LE JUMP.

magazine haul: October 3, 2010

Ok, well here's the thing. I know I've stated that the sole purpose of starting this blog (aside as a school project), was to discuss the communication and editorial side of fashion. I know with my last few posts I haven't really done that, instead focusing on recent Spring/Summer 2011 collections. But I do realize that reviewing recent collections is actually a lot of fun! Plus it keeps me in the know of what's going on design wise. But today, a friend and finally got out of our place and went to Orchard for a well needed spree over at Kinokuniya! Then afterwards went to my local magazine stand to look for the September issue of Vogue Italia (way overdue) but sadly it's still not out in this part of the world yet.....
So here is the pile of my purchases today. Bought a few miscellaneous magazines primarily for their covers but most are for my collection. I actually think I O.D-ed and bought a little too much, but I figured I will buy it eventually so why not buy it then? Well I'm still on the look-out for the September issue of Vogue Italia, and for the new I-D magazine. It was already out at Kinokuniya, but my local magazine stand sells it for relatively cheaper, but sadly they didn't have it stocked yet. So I'm still deciding whether to wait or not.... I'm set on buying the Lindsey Wixson cover cause it looks fresh and I already have 32043209 magazine covers with Kristen McMenamy (Ok around 3, but that's still a lot). SEE DETAILS AFTER LE JUMP! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

fashion collection: Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2011

Isabel Marant has stated that her Spring/Summer 2011 collection was an ode to surfing and skateboarding. The chill vide of California was the main styling factor for her designs. The collection stayed true to Marant's usual cool/hip girl look she does oh-so well, from the outerwear, to skinny trousers and fishnet tanks, all are very appropriate for the coming season. The color palette was very light with tints of darks here and there. The overall feel is very casual, not too avant- as compared to Balmain's collection we saw earlier. 
Casting was very much similar to Balmain's, the usual cool girls such as Freja, Karmen, Snejana and Constance, but with a surprise appearance from Anouck after seeing her last at Prada (for me anyways) Shoe wise, the whole collection was matched with either nude pumps or velvet boots that came in military green or dusty blue. 
Overall for a Paris collection, the street style is very reminisce of something I would see in New York, once again the avant- factor of the collection isn't very obvious, but regardless I love the effortless feel Marant has given us this time around. HIT LE JUMP TO SEE MORE MORE MORE.

fashion collection: Balmain Spring/Summer 2011

Interesting to note that every color splash/block/blend/trend we saw in Milan is so far absent in Paris. Previously we saw Balenciaga's amazing collection with dark toned punk-esque designs, now we see Balmain's hard-edged biker chick re-interpreted by Christophe Decarnin once again. The collection was very hard, distressed denim, studded leather jackets and even paint splattered trousers were all included. The color palette was very much dark with an addition of red, similar to what Balenciaga did in their collection. 
The casting of the show was pretty generic, same usual girls (minus Natasha Poly I noticed!). Daria did opening duties while the closer came a surprise in the form of Anabela Belikova. Carmen Kass chopped off her hair short is also something to be noted. Silhouette is still very skinny and very cropped, a changed from last season's slightly loose trousers. Also something to note is the absence of Balmain's signature dresses.CLICK LE JUMP TO SEE THE COLLECTION.