Thursday, November 15, 2012

MAGAZINE REVIEW: Vogue Russia December 2012

To wrap up yet another year-that-went-by-too-fast, Vogue Russia gives an old school supermodel, one of the original trinity on their cover, Linda Evangelista. You know, the model who famously said she "don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day." Well regardless of how much she earned for this, the cover was shot by none other than Karl Lagerfeld and features one of his fur designs for his Fall/Winter 2012 collection for Fendi. 
P: Karl Lagerfeld M: Linda Evangelista 

I've never been too big of a fan for Karl Lagerfeld when it comes to photography (or his designs at that), but I find this cover to be quite festive and appropriate for a finale. I've noticed Russian Vogue's been pretty stagnant when it comes to churning out stellar covers this year, so at least they were able to end it with at a high note. See the details and the accompany (and more stunning) supplement cover after le jump!

P: Karl Lagerfeld M: Toni Garnn 

This is where my money's in for me; I mean WOW. The supplement cover was also shot by Karl Lagerfeld featuring contender model Toni Garnn(who by the way is only 20 years old this year) wearing yet another Fendi fur coat from the same collection. I mean, this pretty much would've sold me into buying this issue alone cause I'm definitely biased towards the newer generation of models; Plus I've been a massive supporter and fan of Toni Garnn since her runway exclusive debut at Calvin Klein Collection's Spring/Summer 2009 that I'm just glad she's still relevant now. 

The cover and supplement looks as seen on Joan Smalls(left) and Zuzanna Bijoch(right) on the Fendi runway. An interesting mix of tribal glamour if you ask me.

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