Thursday, November 15, 2012

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: and then I decided I was a lemon for a couple of weeks.

Lookie here, a second consistent blogpost from yours truly. Much like the previous on, this is going to be an outfit detail post, being the vain-pot that I am. As usually, I went with a very 'boyish' attitude for my appearance around Orchard Road, but decided to mix in a bit of color blocking into my regular look. 

Basically if you guys were to raid my wardrobe, the obvious color you'd find is black and dark shades of blue and grey with white mixed in. The only obviously pop-out articles of clothing you're able to dig out are two things; a pair of bright turquoise Topman skinnies and this yellow sweater by Kris Van Assche (the former having only been worn once with much embarrassment and regret.) Check out details after le jump!

 Yellow Sweater- Kris Van Assche
White Shirt- Zara
Sailor Skinnies- April77
Orange Socks- Topman
Purple Bag- Givenchy
Blue Ring- Yves Saint Laurent
Brown Loafers- Dr. Martens 

Geometric block neckline and bold stripes.

Personally, there's a whole lotta color going on for me.

The only ring I actually use consistently.

Most easiest shoes to slip into, we all have those days when we can't deal with laces am I right?

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