Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: I had chosen the path of the black sheep rather than that of the unicorns and puppies.

Well, here I am once again; in front of an empty post on my former blogspot which was initially only created for a school project. Having a lot of free time at the moment, and after much thought and deliberation, I've decided to give this whole 'blogging' thing another try. As to what kind of blogger I'm going to mold myself into? It's much too early to tell but I have a somewhat vague idea of the types of things I'm going to post here. 

So basically today I went down to Orchard Road already planning on basing my first post on today's outfit. How would I describe my personal style? I would honestly have to say my style really changes depending on my mood, but whichever 'mode' I place myself into, I always try to stay in a more 'boyish' character; trust me, I love to dress fabulous and dramatic like the next cross-dresser at Play, but I'd like to keep myself in a more subtle, yet outstanding place. Hit le jump for more details!
I was feeling very 80s anarchist today, and nothing says punk more than a shredded denim jacket; but since I never felt too literal whenever I wanted to dress punk (in order not to associate myself with the punk culture of Singapore too much), I decided to do a bit of mix-up and wore an embellished evening shirt underneath. I thought it was quite neat to subtly show the details through the rips of my jacket.

Shredded Denim Jacket- Topman (Customized by me) 
Embellished Tee- Lanvin
Skinny Jeans- New Look
Panda Socks- Topshop
Studded Sneakers- Valentino
Sunglasses(Previous photo)- Giorgio Armani

Trying my best model-wannabe pose.

Ripped sleeves that also works as an air circulator, very convenient for a hot climate country like Singapore!

Obligatory frontal detail shot. I seriously fell in love with the detailing on this shirt.

Obligatory back detail shot. 

My panda socks!

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  1. I'm very happy to see your blog; Love the denim jacket, so clever of you... it's very emanuelle alt esp with the skinnys.
    it's interesting that you defined your style as being 'boyish' and really keen to know more about what items/ combos you would define as being 'boyish'... masculinity these days is very hard to define and i'm keen to make a study of it. X