Monday, September 27, 2010

fashion collection: Fendi Spring/Summer 2011

Initially I thought this Fendi collection was fairly arbitrary. The color scheme was everywhere, the pattern as well as the cutting; the only thing bringing it all together was the airy volumes. However, like every single Fendi runway collection I've seen, I needed time to appreciate and notice the small details that weave this collection together (their Spring/Summer 2010 collection is my favorite). It was the idea of summer, specifically a very Fendi summer holiday brought together through color and silhouette. Fendi is a house where their color scheme has always been bold and strong, just last season's bold, dusty hues have been replaced by bold and bright. Silhouette has also been a staple in the Fendi house and that this time they chose to play with big volumes to compliment the incoming summer holiday during 2011. 
Overall, the color scheme was very strong. Scarlet, turquoise and cobalt were all inlcuded in the pallet as well as an overweight of white (clearly going to be trend next season). Motives included pressed flowers and interestingly enough, burn marks printed on the dress. Perhaps a metaphor for the clear temperature increase in this planet? Maybe? Well whatever it is, I find the print rather fresh and I'd rock it. The fabric choices seems effortless and seems to just drape on the body so fluidly, but then structure is added through the belt which then shapes the body. We didn't see much of this last season, or even the season before in Fendi. CHECK OUT MORE AFTER LE JUMP.

 Here are the two close up shots of the two first garment from the banner. The first scarlet outfit has a nice sheen to it, maybe its because of the lurex fabric? I'm going admit that the whole thing is a bit too much, as I loathe the color red, but since it's a runway look I guess that's fine. But I love the addition of the turquoise beaded belt to cool down the red tone. The second shows the fire print of the dress, as well as a close up look at their accessories. The puff sleeves offer transparency which goes very well with the print.  

Here are the third and fourth close-up shots. The third outfit featured a fur bolero covers the white look. The color of the fur noticeably matches the color of the burn prints as well as belt and bracelets. Very coherent (took me a while to notice) and find the whole look to be my favorite from the bunch. The fourth look is a sea-green jumpsuit with a drawstring waist-line that features cut-off shoulders. Though I'm usually not a big fan of jumpsuits due to them making the wearer look rather pudgy, on Frida, and her 180 cm frame, it looks absolutely amazing. 

 This look, worn by Anna Selezneva and her perfect cheek bones, features a bag, sunglasses (close up shots bellow) and an hourglass waistline. The waist skirt, which looks wrapped around, and the teal blue shirt is pulled together by the azure green belt. A very restrained work-look that would be very suitable if placed in the summer weather. The low neck line as well as the revealed shoulders bring a very sexy element to the outfit. 

 The red intensity here reminds me of picnic mats, and the polka-dot patterns assure it. Though the color is very suitable for the season, I feel the silhouette is less friendly. Maybe its the drawstring waist against the big volume of the skirt, but it just doesn't seem to mesh nicely. The sleeves are very interesting though, and I must say this looks very very comfortable to wear.  

 This white look with pressed flower prints look absolutely divine on Jac. Kind of reminds me of the dresses from Prada's collection does it not? Well anyway, the vibrant colors of the print stands out strongly against the white-washed palette. The blue clutch and red heels also combine together to make a very perfect straight-of-the-runway garment I can see people wear on the street. 

 Though there aren't much fur in this collection (as every Spring/Summer collection), this one features a dominant bolero over a turquoise shirt. The combination of sheer dress pants, the earth-tone fur as well as the bright turquoise surprisingly add up to mix perfectly. I think this look suits Mirte Maas nicely, and the pleating of the bolero from the back is a nice touch. 

 Sigrid's look, with cobalt pants, sheer white top and a rainbow bolero made of droplets of fur though may seem much surprisingly mixes well. Maybe its the whole color combination neutralized by the white shirt or the dark-toned belt, but I find myself loving the bolero. Its nice to see them make varying version of their fur line and especially in multi-colors.  

 Natasha's second outfit is a polka-dotted dress with a similar cutting to her first look. Unlike Heidi's picnic red dress, the silhouette of this dress is very friendly with the drawstring waistline and puff sleeves. The pattern is also very subtle and can only be noticed if seen up-close. The small subtle details is what I appreciate the most in Fendi I've just realize. 

 Here are the sunglasses from the collection. A very vintage interpretation of the aviator but done in candy-colors. The gradating lens and the rounded frame is very daring and isn't your typical sunglasses, but nowadays, what is? Anyway, I'm loving the first one worn by  Daria. The combination of yellow, black frames and the lens all look very suitable for my style! The red one too, looks absolutely perfect on Freja.

 The first set of bags from the collection, look simple enough to be used anywhere. I'm loving the design of the first bag, with the only visible logo on the brass straps. Subtle yet obvious. The second bag features the "double F" logo on the front which is unique, But I'm not attracted by the colors...

Here are the second set of bags as well as more shots of the accessories. The first is your typical Fendi baguette bag with a turquoise and salmon-pink plate. I personally love the color choices for this bag, the mud brown complimented by the turquoise strap works well. The earth-toned bracelets also add on to the lovely color spectrum. The fourth bag, a purse, reminded me of something from the 50's with its flap. The crocodile covering and the cobalt handle works for me personally and overall I love the design, though the size might not be convenient for me.

Here are the shoes from the collection. The first is a thick-heeled pump with a triangle placed in between. The earth tone color seems to be very big recent and Fendi has incorporated it here. The second is a wedge, a very tall one at that. With tis military color and three different materials used, its surely going to be the wedge to get attention this summer. 


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