Tuesday, September 28, 2010

magazine (mini) haul: September 28, 2010

Hey guys to start off today was a very productive day for me, blogging-wise. Had my class cancelled so spent the whole of noon working and working non-stop on the few posts you see below this one. Now I'm feeling satisfied with what I've written so far and hopefully if you guys like what you see and read, I'll continue with my own personal rants about the happenings in the fashion world!
Well, I realized the few new posts I've made have all been very non-fashion communication wise but an analysis on the latest trends and collection. This was due mainly because of my class assignment to do so, but I do enjoy occasionally spotting trends and eye what's going on during fashion week. But I started this blog to focus more on the editorial and communication side of fashion! So today went to my local magazine stand to see what's hot of the printing press and found a few things that I've been waiting for to arrive. So as you can see from the picture above, I bought 4 magazines. 3 of which are new and 1 a second-hand one. See the whole thing AFTER LE JUMP.

A spine view of my purchases.

From Left: Purple fashion Magazine Fall/Winter 2010 with Chloe Sevingy
Pop Fall/Winter 2010 with Britney Spears
Nylon October 2010 with Emma Stone
Harper's Bazaar March 2008 with Lindsay Lohan

They just had the Purple magazine in stock so I was ecstatic to see it. Been a fan of magazine for a while now but never had access to it until last year's issue with Freja on the cover. I love the direction Oliver takes it. Though to most it seems too provocative and perverse, but that's what I find the unique point to Purple is. The Pop however has been out for quiet some time now but never really had the need to purchase it just yet. But today I figured might as well buy it now incase they suddenly sold out of it (like the September issue of British Vogue this year..... what a nightmare) 

The Nylon has my new favorite actress on the cover, EMMA STONE. I simply adore this girl. Her fiery red hair, pale skin and crystal clear eyes make her one of the most freshest and unique faces I've seen on the big screen in a while. I finished reading the accompanying cover article about her and fell in love with her even more! 

Found the vintage Harper's Bazaar at the second hand store and I was very happy to see the old Lindsay on the cover. I'm going to tell you now that Lindsay Lohan is my favorite celebrity. EVER. And seeing her on the cover of glossy made me miss her. I'm 1000% sure she's going to make a comeback much like how Britney did with her career, (maybe Lindsay will score her own Pop cover soon!) Ahah. Well it is a March issue and the whole editorials and campaign brought back my high school days when I first looked into this world we live in called "fashion". 

Well hopefully I'll get the opportunity to show you guys what's inside these magazines. HOPEFULLY. 

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