Thursday, September 30, 2010

fashion collection: Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2011

I like love ADORE AND OBSESS over Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Nicolas Ghesquière went back to his early designs and incorporated the classic biker-chick he's known for. From the leather, studs, trousers and houndstooth print, they were all there. In fact, Ghesquière has stated that he "borrowed from the music scene" and looked into different music stereotypes such as punks, goths, rockers and metal, all of whom are the more "hardcore" genres in the music world, very appropriate as inspiration for Balenciaga's hard-edge aesthetics. 
The color palette of the collection overall was very dark, to my liking. A lot of blacks and greys with a few bold colors such as cobalt and scarlet to pop things up. silhouette wise, the pants in the show aren't as skinny as they usually are, (remember Spring/Summer 2010 trousers that were probably only wearable by the thinnest of thinnest fashionistas?) The pants are in fact very loose trousers that probably referenced back to his band references.
Casting wise, Ghesquière casted in a mix of relatively unknowns, the usual Balenciaga girls, as well as a few supermodels you may recognize. He apparently took straight to the streets to find some of his models, saying that this collection was about everyone's individuality, hence the short crops on a few of the models. I have to admit, I've never seen the show's opener before, very rare for Balenciaga to let a new girl (and I don't mean Mirte Maas new like last season) I mean, VERY new. But I think she (her name is Milou van Grousen, obviously a Dutch) fits the Balenciaga mold very well. BUT I am quite very disappointed that other Balenciaga regulars didn't make it. I'm talking about Magdalena, Sigrid, Edita, Siri, Iris and Hanne.... well anyway, HIT LE JUMP TO SEE THE REST OF THE AMAZING/FABULOUS/COVETED COLLECTION!!!!!!

Here are a few of the houndstooth print looks. As you can see they're colored in white, cobalt, red and almost a purple grey. Personally I love the structure these jackets give on the body. Especially on Miranda Kerr (WHO BTW IS STILL VERY PREGNANT), you can't tell she has a baby-bump underneath! The whole look overall is very punk, from the obvious reference of the print and leather. Sleeves are exaggerated as well I noticed on Eliza's and Miranda's.

Here are a few of the jacket looks. If money were no object, I would love love love love love to own the first baby blue one. The cutting, fabric and color all is absolutely stunning! (I can't tell if it's crocodile skin...) but the way it's styled, with the loose trousers and transparent shirt, all adds up to a very futuristic rocker feel to it. Although personally, I'm not a fan of Valeria's (the third) look. Maybe it's the fact that I don't like quilting on jackets or the camel color, but the jacket just doesn't suit my taste, nor do I feel it's right for Valeria. Maybe they should've switched her look with Chanel's? just a suggestion. 

Here are a few of the supermodels who were cast in the show. I'm quite surprised the cast included Amber Valletta, Ann Catherine Lacroix, Carolyn Murphy and Stella Tenant, and I have to admit this collection probably doesn't suit Amber's and Carolyn's all-American image. But on the Stella this collection would be a match made in only the wildest of our imaginations. Their clothing area all quite similar too, printed, loose dresses. Possibly because they have a more mature body size compared to their much MUCH younger co-cast? 

Also one of my favorite looks from the show, the transparent shirts have color combinations that I rarely see (and rarely appeal to me). From the print, palette combination and transparency, all would be very suitable for Singaporean weather here! I'm actually at a loss right now because I have no idea what else to say besides the fact that I want what Kasia (the first) is wearing! AND BTW LOOK HOW SKINNY SHE IS OMG SUCH A THINSPO.

The last 4 looks were all very typical Balenciaga dresses, they in fact remind me of last year's Spring/Summer collection; from the fabric, color and cutting. But the special thing about it is that THE supermodel of the entire universe closed the show. I don't even need to type her name out, but its been a while since I've seen her sashay at a big named show (last I remember was Dolce&Gabbana Fall/Winter 2007, but I might be wrong...)

Shoe wise, Balenciaga didn't do any heel in this collection. All were flat. The sneakers remind me my friend's orthopedic shoes, but in a more edgier way. I love the metallic cobalt, if I were to stumble upon sneakers with this color I will instantly buy it. 
They also had gladiator's with fur fringe on em which I think is in a interesting mix to the whole collection. The design reminds me of Chloe's recent gladiators.  


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