Tuesday, September 28, 2010

spring/summer 2011 trends: White Minimalism

White has always been a neutral color that everyone should have in their wardrobe. You wear a basic white tee from Alexander Wang and you can match that with anything eccentric or bold, say... Dolce&Gabbana's leoprad print jeans or Balmain's pencil-thin leather trousers. The power that the color white brings to the outfit is that it balances out any crazy prints or patterns that add on to the outfit. This season I'm pleased to see that a lot of designers have focused their collections on this color, very appropriate for the season.
From left: Jil Sander's play with combinations, Calvin Klein's extreme volume, Versace's body conscious cuttings, Alexander Wang's ready-to-wear street style, Bottega Veneta's drastic fabric choices, Dolce&Gabbana's Sicilian romance.

Each designer approached this color in their own way and each one has created garments that are appropriate for everyone's style, age and body size. HIT LE JUMP TO SEE MORE.

Alexander Wang's signature street style has been taken over by the color white. His classic suit cuts and pants have all been done with said color and I feel the Alexander Wang girl would be very happy with the outcome. I'm amazed at the fact that he's able to turn such a classic color into very hip, urban style that anyone who lives in downtown New York can feel the sudden urge to rock. 

Tomas Maier's collection for Bottega Veneta explored texture and fabric choices that would drape on the body. From pant suits to Grecian gowns, every aspect of the garment have been thought out from what texture and volume each would present on the body. Overall, the clothes look effortless on the models and I feel any type of body would be appropriate for the Veneta woman.

Francisco Cost's Calvin Klein collection once again explored the possibility of volume through a single monotonous color. His signature suits and coats all adored in a varying intensity of white but noticeably this time, his garments don't look or feel stiff. In fact, it seems like they drape on the body; no constraint on the body whatsoever. 

Raf Simmon presented what might have been the best collection from Jil Sander in a while. Critics applauded his use of white mixed with varying elements that merged basic blocking colors neutralized by white. Each passing look had a sense of unity in them achieved through the universal color white. He shows that in fact the color white is able to bring in a classic touch to otherwise very bold and daring colors not easily worn. 

Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana once again followed through with their Fall 2010 collection and presented clothes that stayed true to the Dolce&Gabbana heritage. Classic cuttings of suits and dresses done in a variety of fabric and lace all paraded down the catwalk in a most romantic way. Delicate details all adorned the garments and the fluidity justifies just how light and airy these dresses can be. 

Donatella's latest collection for Versace once again incorporated Versace's legendary body-conscious minis but done in white. We no longer see bright color hues or bold prints. This time Donatella wanted things clean cut and simple. The very modern cutting is the subtle Versace touch that Donatella has brought into the garments and the loyal customers and Versace are soon going to be pleased with what they wear next Spring/Summer season. 


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