Thursday, September 23, 2010

magazine collection: Vogue Nippon

Well this is going to be my first review of an edition of Vogue. I decided to start this review with Vogue Nippon because I just did a post on their November 2010 issue. To start things off, here’s a little background information on them:
Editor in Chief: Kazuhiro Saito
First issue: September 1999

What strikes out about Vogue Nippon are their covers. Very simple white background, one model (with the exception of their 2007 issue with Coco Rocha and Sasha Pivovarova), one straight-of-the-runway outfit. A masthead is featured to tell the readers what the theme of the issue is about.

Here are my favorite issues
August 2008 with Raquel Zimmermann wearing Chanel
October 2008 with Lily Donaldson wearing Dolce&Gabbana
May 2010 with Lily Donaldson wearing Louis Vuitton

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So this is my personal collection of Vogue Nippon as well as Vogue Hommes Japan and Vogue Nippon's 10th anniversary issue. Their spine is always read, and asides from Vogue China, is the only spine of any Vogue to have color. Its great cause in my book shelf it stands out. I've also noticed that their the biggest size Vogue, dimension wise. 

All the issues I own. Simple white background with different colored fonts for each issue. 

Style hunter from around the world. The personal style they feature are always very hip, eclectic and youthful. 

I love their layouts in which they feature the items as a catalog as well as featuring prices. Sometimes I find it rather frustrating when I can't see a price on a item I might want to buy. And every issue they feature items according to their theme. 

Very inspirational editorials. This one is from their May 2010 issue with Alla K wearing McQueen submerged underwater. Stunning. 


  1. I love this idea of you to post about different magazines!

  2. amazing collection :) I only have 3 issues of Vogue Nippon since they're very expensive