Friday, September 24, 2010

magazine collection: i-D Magazine

i-D Magazine was the first magazine I've every really truly started obsessing over. Primarily because I thought their covers were very exciting. The "wink" on every cover was simply iconic and my 16 year old mind thought it was cool that they featured that on every single cover. But that was years ago. Now I buy i-D magazine for their very fresh approach to fashion editorial and photography. Their cool covers are a plus. 

However, last year when I found out that i-D was going to start publishing every 2 months I was devastated because that meant only 6 issues per year! Fast forward to NOW and more or less use to it, but I still wonder as to what would have happened if I had 6 extra issues in my bookshelf now...
What is also nice to note about i-D is that they're not afraid to think outside the box editorial wise. With big photographers spanning from Emma Summerton, Inez & Vinoodh and more, each issue is always packed with excitement and I'm always giddy whenever I purchase the most recent issue. 
My four favorite covers from my vast collection of i-Ds.
June 2008 with Sasha Pivovarova
September 2008 with Jourdan Dunn
October 2008 with Natasha Poly
November 2008 with Lara Stone
*i-D was really on role with their covers for the Fall of 2008 for me! ahahaha

Just recently though, since the change in producing an issue every 2 months, each time they publish out, they provide us with an abundance of cover to choose from. This is both a blessing but annoying at the same time for me personally because most of the time I can't decide as to which cover I want, but I've never encountered a moment where I felt the need to buy two covers. Well anyway, see my entire collection after the JUMP!

My i-D magazine pilled up. Notice that some of the spines are colored which I find quiet peculiar as well as annoying cause it sticks out a lot and I tend to like my magazine display coherent. But whatever I guess....

So this is my entire collection of i-D magazine! been collecting since around the summer of 2008 I think? Interesting story too because it was actually my birthday and one of my good friends bought me the May 2008 issue of i-D magazine (the Mariah Carey cover) and I instantly feel in love. Ever sine then I would save up my lunch money every month to buy one. Mind you in my country these didn't come cheap and being a high school student who had to buy a lot things for my art course, it was quiet grueling. And more often than not an issue wouldn't even arrive for me to purchase! Most of the back issues and ones I didn't manage to buy I had actually found in my local second-hand book store here in Singapore so I feel quiet lucky. 

Well, as far as reviews go, this is as far as I'm going to go for now. Will maybe do more in-depth reviews on my favorite issues, or if you guys want a specific issue to be reviewed and scanned, I'll be more than happy to do so!

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