Friday, October 1, 2010

fashion collection: Balmain Spring/Summer 2011

Interesting to note that every color splash/block/blend/trend we saw in Milan is so far absent in Paris. Previously we saw Balenciaga's amazing collection with dark toned punk-esque designs, now we see Balmain's hard-edged biker chick re-interpreted by Christophe Decarnin once again. The collection was very hard, distressed denim, studded leather jackets and even paint splattered trousers were all included. The color palette was very much dark with an addition of red, similar to what Balenciaga did in their collection. 
The casting of the show was pretty generic, same usual girls (minus Natasha Poly I noticed!). Daria did opening duties while the closer came a surprise in the form of Anabela Belikova. Carmen Kass chopped off her hair short is also something to be noted. Silhouette is still very skinny and very cropped, a changed from last season's slightly loose trousers. Also something to note is the absence of Balmain's signature dresses.CLICK LE JUMP TO SEE THE COLLECTION.

 Balmain's signature biker jackets have all been brought in again for this collection. This time its more distressed, more punk and more studded than before. I've always loved how a biker jacket fits the body, very tight to the point where you're force to stand up straight. I love the jacket Siri (third one) is wearing, with the pins added, the overall look has brought in the punk theme similar to Balenciaga's. Paint splattered pants and safety pin shirts are also present in these looks. 

The distressed denim is also present in this collection. Whether it's in the form of shorts, trousers or jackets, all is done meticulously to fit the body and distressed to bring in the "raw" and "cool" feel Balmain is so famously known for. The distress is also done throughout, including the stockings which they may sell to the thousands range (if they can charge $1,500 for a tee, why not stockings?). 

These are the more laid-back looks in the collection. The corset top and tee are very simple but this expresses the usual Balmain feel. With the rips, studs and safety-pins, the punk element is still incorporated. And with material's such as leather used, the dangerous mood the wearer will express while wearing this would be obvious to on-lookers. 

The blazers in the collection are very typical, similar to their Fall/Winter 2009 collection. Some however were given the all stud treatment which feels very much thus taking the formality down a level. The third outfit I feel is a very modern, minimal way for power dressing. With the touch of metallic pants, its very youthful thus anyone who wears it will feel less boring. 

The last look I noticed from the collection were the button-downs. Some simple like Isabelli's or studded like Anabela's closing look, I'm not a big fan of these. Sure they're pretty practical and more wearable for those who don't dare to rock the jackets, but its too plainly designed for my taste. However, they did style the looks to compensate for this fact. 

Here are the shoes from the collection. Quite typical and nothing special to talk about them.... So I'm going to leave it here.


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