Sunday, October 3, 2010

magazine haul: October 3, 2010

Ok, well here's the thing. I know I've stated that the sole purpose of starting this blog (aside as a school project), was to discuss the communication and editorial side of fashion. I know with my last few posts I haven't really done that, instead focusing on recent Spring/Summer 2011 collections. But I do realize that reviewing recent collections is actually a lot of fun! Plus it keeps me in the know of what's going on design wise. But today, a friend and finally got out of our place and went to Orchard for a well needed spree over at Kinokuniya! Then afterwards went to my local magazine stand to look for the September issue of Vogue Italia (way overdue) but sadly it's still not out in this part of the world yet.....
So here is the pile of my purchases today. Bought a few miscellaneous magazines primarily for their covers but most are for my collection. I actually think I O.D-ed and bought a little too much, but I figured I will buy it eventually so why not buy it then? Well I'm still on the look-out for the September issue of Vogue Italia, and for the new I-D magazine. It was already out at Kinokuniya, but my local magazine stand sells it for relatively cheaper, but sadly they didn't have it stocked yet. So I'm still deciding whether to wait or not.... I'm set on buying the Lindsey Wixson cover cause it looks fresh and I already have 32043209 magazine covers with Kristen McMenamy (Ok around 3, but that's still a lot). SEE DETAILS AFTER LE JUMP! 

 Overhead shot. This RollingStones cover is sexy-as. I was quite late into buying this issue but luckily found it still in stock at my local newsstand. 

A spine shot of all my purchases today. V magazine's (at the bottom) is my (obviously) favorite. The colors of the chewing gums really POP (no pun intended)!

From top left clockwise: V Magazine Fall 2010 with Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga
Interview October 2010 with Naomi Campbell (excellent interview of her inside btw)
AnOther Magazine Fall/Winter 2010 with Bjork
Danks Fall/Winter 2010 with Caroline Brasch Nielsen (my new favorite model)
Vogue Nippon November 2010 with Lily Donaldson
Dazed & Confused September 2010 with Dakota Fanning
Numero #116 with Natasha Poly
RollingStones September 2 2010 with True Blood cast
Vanity Fair October 2010 with Lindsay Lohan (another excellent article on her, a MUST READ)
Harper's Bazaar October 2010 with Drew Barrymore
Harper's Bazaar September 2010 with Jennifer Aniston
Vogue Australia October 2010 with Codie Young

I'm going to admit that the Rolling Stones and the Vanity Fair were fairly impulsive, but I couldn't resist the sexy cover RS had (sadly it didn't carry on to the accompanying spread which sucks...) and I'm a huge (and still) a huge fan and supporter of Lindsay Lohan and she hasn't gotten a cover (of at least a recognized) magazine in a while and she looks stunning. The article about her inside is truly a heartbreaking story about her life so far.... So I recommend everyone to read it. 

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