Thursday, October 7, 2010

fashion show: Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

I'm actually speechless. I'm on such a fashion-high right now. Just when I thought last season's iceberg show was insane and mind-blowing, Karl manages to prove me wrong. At first when I did my Chanel review I didn't think much for the collection, just another one of Karl's practice and re-interpretation with Coco Chanel's house codes. I didn't care for the setting for I judged by the pictures alone that it looked quite generic. However, after watching the actual fashion show, I've changed my mind. This is probably the best fashion show I've seen in my life. From the setting, the soundtrack and the choreography, I was actually moved; though some of the models did look a little confused over the directions, especially during the last few looks, but I find myself liking this part of the show the most. I especially loved the part when Heidi and Sasha had to slow down and cautiously take baby steps so they won't go too fast, and you see Coco on the other side doing the same thing. (this happens in part 2)
The opening, with Stella and Freja was also amazing. The way both entered and moved at the same exact pace followed by the sounds of the orchestra and you see the overall shot of the whole Grand Palais... I'm just speechless. If you're too lazy to watch the whole thing, at least watch the first minute and a half of the show. Seriously.
See part 2 of the video AFTER LE JUMP.

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