Saturday, October 9, 2010

magazine collection: V Magazine & VMAN

V Magazine, launched in 1999 features a mix of fashion, art, film and music. Published 6 times yearly, it's become one of my must-buy magazine besides Vogue. Primarily what I love and think stands out about V Magazine are their editorials and their fresh unique and risque photo spreads. Their covers are also something to marvel at; featuring prominent supermodels and relevant celebrities.
However, frankly speaking, I can't say the same about VMAN. Though I do purchase every issue that comes out, I solemnly do it for the eye candy that's ever so present in the pages. I find their photoshoots repetitive, un-inspiring, but hot. Give me any publication with half-naked guys and I'll buy it in a heartbeat. 
My favorite V magazines.
V58 Spring 2009 with Natalia Vodianova and an actor (it's their glow-in-the-dark cover)
V59 Summer 2009 with Naomi Campbell
V66 Fall Preview 2010 with Natasha Poly

Also something to note about V Magazine, much like other publications on the edgier side of styling, they feature recognizable designer clothes but style them in the most unique ways. Whether they're placed inside-out, stretched or shrined, all just truly inspiring stuff. Well, see LE JUMP to see my whole collection!

 Overhead shot.

 Spine shots of all my V and VMAN. I love the colors of V's spines, vibrant and fun!

 My entire VMAN collection, as you can see I don't really have much; actually i just noticed how all but 2 of the covers are monochromatic. hhhhmmmm...

My entire V Magazine collection! I actually have a few more of their older issues, but it's still the oens that are oversized, so was too lazy. (plus I forgot)
FUNNY STORY WITH THEI V63 COVER WITH GABOUREY SIDIBE. It's actually a dual cover with Dakota Fanning, but obviously I wanted Gabourey's cover since it's more unique and she looks stunning it it. When I went to my local magazine stand, I brought the Gabourey cover to the cashier, but the cashier presumed I would want the Dakota cover and changed it. Thankfully I noticed and told her I wanted the cover with the big girl in it, and I could tell she was surprised but smiled. LOL. Just a though. 

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