Sunday, October 3, 2010

fashion collection: Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2011

Viktor & Rolf has once again presented another collection that I could only imagine. In fact, I wouldn't even dream of concocting such an exciting and visionary collection. The main inspiration for the collection came from "to riff on a man's shirt", though it's interesting to see such an easy and basic idea interpreted in a much more extravagant scale.  Outfits included dresses with four sets of collars and cuffs, shirtdresses that were fitted onto one side, while the other dangles softly like a very loose dress. These idea came together to form a collection that is truly only possibly done by Viktor & Rolf.
The color palette for the collection included blues, reds and basic black & white. The blue and red fabrics used were done in strips of ribbons in an array of respective shades. The two classing colors almost brought in an elements reference to me, the idea of fire VS water. Bu that's only seen if garments are placed side by side. The white and black dresses were very formally done, appropriate for any special events but only if you wish to dress more daring and stand out. It's no doubt the Viktor & Rolf wearer has a lot of confidence and isn't afraid to get a few stares from on-lookers. SEE THE WHOLE COLLECTION AFTER LE JUMP.

The color choices are very bold and flashy done with ribbons as I've just stated before. Silhouette is very loose and layering is done through the repetitive use of the shirt tail. The addition of collars and cuff is what brings back the idea of riffing a man's shirt, done with the exaggeration in sizes and shapes of these shirt elements. Once again I will say that these colors clash together like elements of fire and water. Maybe it's the color hue or tone, but I get that sense very much. 

I'd like to call these looks the pajama looks. The fabric is very similar to pajamas I used to wear when I was younger, through the baby blue color as well as the stripes. However, Viktor & Rolf has mixed and re-invented this look through the changes in silhouette and cutting. I especially like what Karmen (first) is wearing, not too avant-garde, I can see this being a very wearable piece even for me. The rounded off shoulder is something I've never actually tried before.

More variety of blues and reds in the collection, but done in a metallic scheme. Shoulders are exaggerated through shapes and puffs, creating round edges. The structure of Constance's (last) dress is very interesting with one side of the torso done to fit onto the stomach while the other parts of the dress are draped on, creating a new form of silhouette.    

These black-tie looks have almost a somber feel to them. Maybe it's the color, or maybe its the volumes, but somehow I can see these being used to funerals or days to celebrate sadness. The mixing of fitted fabric with draped fabric is once again incorporated in these looks. For example in Patricia's (second) dress, her shoulder span is tightly fitted by the shirt but below that it's draped, another interesting silhouette to notice.

The finale looks consisted of dresses that can be envisioned in weddings. The silk white color, reminds me Japanese kabuki, looks absolutely stunning on the fabric. With the addition of lace, these dresses are very appropriate (mind you, for those true daring fashionistas) for walking down the aisle. The way the shirt tails are draped onto Jac's (last) dress is very beautifully done, creating almost a shell around her waist.

The two most extravagant looks from the collection features a lot of cuffs and collars to exaggerate neck lines and shoulders. The right dress has collars undone to shield the neck as well as having a variety of fabric done on the bottom half of the dress. While the left look is added with an addition of pants.


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