Thursday, October 7, 2010

fashion collection: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011

Marc Jacob's latest collection for Louis Vuitton was a mix of Art Deco, Art Noveau, orientalism and animal prints. Basically everything I learnt from textiles class last year. Close were very reminisce of ancient Chinese uniform, through the sleeves, collar and cut. Applique were also very much reflective of the Art Deco movement, the small touches that made this collection very spectacular. Animal prints were also incorporated in the last half of the looks, with zebras and giraffes printed on every skirt, dress and tops. 
Color scheme was very vibrant and bright (like his own name-sake collection back in New York), a lot of fuchsia, turquoise and yellow in silk metallic hues. Nouveau prints were also adorned across some of the dresses with flowers and stems which brings even more of the oriental inspiration in. Overall I feel the mood of the collection is more youthful and daring as compared to last season's 50's inspired collection. Can't wait to see these next year! see more after LE JUMP.

These are a few of the looks with the oriental details on them. From the lifted collar, to the square sleeves as well as fabric choice, all reminds me of the traditional Chinese-wear way-back-when. The pajama look on Sigrid reminds me of Dolce&Gabbana's "Pajama Baroque" collection from 2 years ago, and Sigrid even has a similar look back then! Karlie's dress is very much an obvious reference to Marc's inspirations too btw.  

I adore these four looks. Maybe it's the lace monogram fabric, the fact that it's Anja's first Louis Vuitton appearance in a zillion years, or maybe it's the fan; but the overall looks is very coherent and I feel is the highlight of the collection. I find myself liking the lace fabric, after it's been used very subtly in the past few season's it has officially been used on a few looks this time. 

These sheer dresses are a modern interpretation of the classic Chinese dresses. From the color and material change, the more up-to-date feel works overall. I love the fact that each dresses feature two colors, the fabric and the lining. The high slit on the legs is also a very revealing and sexy touch, very hot for the summer weather. 

Some more oriental looks with the pocket details in more obvious form. The colors are bright, fun and complimentary with black lining to bring back the Chinese inspiration. The jacket Valeria is wearing is designed after those lords and emperor jacket they wore in the past. 

These looks have very obvious color-blocking elements to them. From the contrast in hues and shades of fuchsia, and the mix of blue and yellow, the colors all mix together in harmony through the addition of the black lining. The to dresses have interesting collars to them with the incorporation of the Chinese element again.

The zebra print was a nice surprise to an otherwise oriental filled extravaganza. The classic print is done array of colors that is a very youthful and modern interpretation to an otherwise old-fashioned and bleak print, almost very Warhol-esque. I actually find the yellow zebra print the best color combination, especially on Jac's dress. The silhouette and fabric is divine. 

The four final looks from the collection are many variety of evening wears done with animals in them. The first dress, Frida dons a zebra print, sheer dress with a cape to cover up. the second, a suit which Arizona is using has a giraffe print on the side to bring a fun touch tot he classic white look. Kinga's dress has a panda sequenced into the top with square shoulders to accompany it. The final look, Kristen dons nothing but trousers and has zebra strips painted on her torso. Amazing; I initially thought it was a skin-tight top but WOW. Marc always knows how to surprise us!


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