Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fashion collection: Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

Initially I was going to do a review on the latest Chanel collection. However, after seeing the mammoth of a collection Karl has made, I had to re-think then decided on not doing it. There were simply too many looks and it would be too much trouble to try and sort it out one-by-one.  BUT NOW, I am finding any excuse to not do my school work at the moment, so I decided, since Chanel is one of the few BIG fashion houses today, might as well do a review on it. So here it is !
 I am however, not going to do much in-depth review, only going to point out main factors each look brings in to the collection, you guys can judge for yourselves. Basically the idea behind the collection was fairly similar with Karl’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection for Fendi; the idea of things being un-finished. As you can see from the jacket Stella (who opened) is wearing, Karl has directly cut out holes (GASP!) on them. As you will see from what I’ve gathered, a lot of the garments are undone at the hemming and edges are also fraying. The collection also featured two giant umbrellas (one being hold by Karlie above) and had a surprise model appearnce by this super duper cute 2 year old <3 How adorable is that tweed jacket on him? I’m in love. Too bad it’ll probably only going to fit him for a year or so then he’ll out-grow it. Well anyway… without any more fusses, CLICK LE JUMP TO SEE MOOOST OF THE LOOKS I'VE COMPLIED (ITS ALOT).

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Those white spots you see up there are holes. Karl has cut up hole on Chanel's legendary jacket. Very visionary, but only because he's doing it with Chanel. If he were to do it for say, Fendi, I would think it's quite a normal thing.

I'm always attracted to the color grey, which is why I found these looks quite compelling. I love how Karl incorporated a very minimal look with what Mirte's wearing. 

These shorts reminded me of something from his collection from the Spring/Summer 2007 season, you know, those sequined hot pants. However, these looks are much more wearable and less daring. Love the overall grey tone of Karmen's matching suits. 

Jeans are brought in to the collection but only to embodied with pieces to give a little more fun to them. These pants are very similar to what Balmain did with their paint-spattered skinnies. I'm also quite surprised with how they match with Chanel's classic item such as the tweed jacket and feathered jackets.  

What can I say? these bright pastel colors are a fun interpretation to the classic tweed. Whether it's a dress with feathers at the bottom or a matching dress suit, they're sure to famous when they hit the stores. 

Interesting to see Karl incorporate print into his Chanel collection. I actually can't remember any of his previous collection that had prints, let alone floral. If anything in the Chanel house, they embroider items into their garments. Interesting mix with the leather too btw. 

More prints, this time done in a array mix of purples and greens. Very light-weight fabric to compliment the summer weather. 

At first I actually couldn't tell that some of these garments were baby pink in color! But after a closer looks I've realized they are! Such a pretty color; I find myself in love with it. Also the embroider in Isabelli's dress as well as the shape of Siri's coat is stunning. 

The classic black and white color choices at the Chanel house is till present in a variety of ways. whether its a dress or a suit, the color combination is always great and compliment each other to create a very clean look. Ann's dress, with the spiral embroider is beautiful, wish I can see it in person!

Some of the more interesting evening looks, still in the black and white color scheme. I love the shape of Abbey's and Barbara's outer layer, as well as the details on the other two dresses. 

Feathers are used in the finale looks! But unlike what McQueen would do and cover up the whole dress with it, Karl only placed whether in certain parts of the dresses either to emphasizes or to add volume. The feathers in Sasha's dress, with her neck and sleeves, is great, not to much but to the point where we do notice the addition of it. 

More of the feather looks, but this time more subtle, to the point where they almost look like fridges. The silhouette is very classic Chanel. 


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