Friday, October 8, 2010

magazine collection: Vogue Paris

I've been a feeling a little guilt since I've been neglecting writing a post about my magazine collection, so today would be the day I do one on my Vogue Paris collection! I've always thought of Vogue Paris as the more classic and luxurious of the Vogue editions. With their select group of current supermodels and clothes which reflect the chic-parisian style, each edition brings in a new interpretation of what beauty is. Their current editor-in-chief, Carine Roitfeld has been at the helm of the magazine since 2001, and has brought in a mix of celebrities and models into the publication. 
(Sorry for the slight blurry images)
November 2007 with Carolyn Murphy and Andre
June/July 2009 with Anja Rubik
April 2010 with Natasha Poly
February 2010 with Daria Werbowy

A lot of their shoots are either done in a studio, or taken to exotic places, with a mix of controversy thrown in. From Lara's now-notorious blackface editorial, to an all-star cast of actresses promoting breast-cancer awareness, the inspiration and concepts are never ending for them. See my whole collection after LE JUMP.

 Spine shot of my collection. I've actually included my Collections guide as well as my Vogue Hommes International. 

A retrospective look at my Vogue Paris. 

My Vogue Paris Collection from Spring/Summer 2009 till Fall/Winter 2010; also my only issue of Vogue Hommes International (not as good as Japan's, so I'm probably not going to continue buying it)

 Here are just some of the spreads in Vogue Paris so you guys get a feel of what's inside. Sorry I'm not going to make descriptions of each one. 

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  1. Never knew you were so into Vogue. My sister published published and edited quite a few articles for them.

    p.s. thats a really nice collection you have there =)