Thursday, October 7, 2010

magazine collection: Vogue Italia September 2010

So here's my post on the massive Vogue Italia I just got today. Basically what's special about this September issue is the 3-D factor of their photoshoot. Meisel's story with Miranda would've been an ordinary studio shoot if it weren't for the 3-D effects. 
 Basically when I found it at Kinokuniya, it was in a huge package and came with FIVE supplements. more on that AFTER LE JUMP.

Side view of the package as well the wrapping on it. I was very surprise when I found how thick it was, I presumed there were two of them on shelve but it ended being one!

The contents of the package. It came with the main magazine, the couture supplement, a supplement on gold jewelry, a supplement on accessories, a supplement on up-and-coming designers, and a phamplet on Jewels of Italy in Hong Kong. Well, I find the last two supplements to be rather useless, especially the Jewels one. Oh well. At least I got the magazine as well as the couture supplemnt : )

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