Friday, October 1, 2010

fashion collection: Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2011

Isabel Marant has stated that her Spring/Summer 2011 collection was an ode to surfing and skateboarding. The chill vide of California was the main styling factor for her designs. The collection stayed true to Marant's usual cool/hip girl look she does oh-so well, from the outerwear, to skinny trousers and fishnet tanks, all are very appropriate for the coming season. The color palette was very light with tints of darks here and there. The overall feel is very casual, not too avant- as compared to Balmain's collection we saw earlier. 
Casting was very much similar to Balmain's, the usual cool girls such as Freja, Karmen, Snejana and Constance, but with a surprise appearance from Anouck after seeing her last at Prada (for me anyways) Shoe wise, the whole collection was matched with either nude pumps or velvet boots that came in military green or dusty blue. 
Overall for a Paris collection, the street style is very reminisce of something I would see in New York, once again the avant- factor of the collection isn't very obvious, but regardless I love the effortless feel Marant has given us this time around. HIT LE JUMP TO SEE MORE MORE MORE.

The fishnet tanks are something that is probably not easily worn in real-life by itself, unless you have the confidence for it. But she's styled the look with a variety of items, such as a flowery shirt, a delicate dress or even a white gillette. Isabel shows us that the fishnet is a very versatile look that can add a little 'umph' to an outfit that may be a little on the safe side. 

Color-blocking stripes were also present this her looks. weather as shirts or a dress, the bold print makes for a very fun feel. I'm especially loving what Freja (the first) is wearing. The overall color scheme of her look is so precise, from the baby pink pants, red belt and and array of magenta shirt. 

Lace is also incldued in her collection, but more in subtle matter. much like the fishnets, Isabel has styled the look in many ways, as a dress, as an underneath cover or even by itself, her lace tops are also very versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways. 

Notice the use of belt to create a smaller waist. The layering in Edita's and Freja's (first and last) looks are very spot on. With the print of the dress being weighted down by the jacket and a slight hint of the fishnet is genius to me; still has the good girl side (well for Edita anyways) but hidden underneath a layer that's more conservative, yet with the fishnet used too.  

Sweaters are also present in her collection, either it's knitted or your basic sports cover-up. The sweater Karmen (second one) is wearing reminds me of A. Wang's collection for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, the feel of sports and high school which I like.  

Black jackets used in a very up-town style. With an array of cutting, from waist to even a coat length, the color black is still very much present in Paris fashion week. 

More outerwear looks. From Anabela's (first) ikat/batik printed jacket, to Abbey's (second) fishnet jumper, and Ginta's (third) and Sasha's (last) vests. I'm really loving what Anabela's wearing. though I'm not a big fan (in fact I loathe) the color red, the pattern as well as the feel of the jacket is very much fitted into my personal style. 

Lastly are her dresses. The thigh-length garments are done in a more laid-back fashion. No embroidery or any draping, all just falls onto the body easily. I can see these dresses easily worn as daytime looks, but also easily converted into evening wear (for a more casual event, mind you)


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