Monday, October 4, 2010

fashion collection: Yves Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2011

Stefano Pilati's latest collection for Yves Saint Laurent's was a more modern update to the classic pieces Saint Laurent was known for. From trenchcoats, blouses and the Le Smoking, all were interpreted to the 21st century through Pilati's vision. A mix of color, texture and ruffles were all added to the heady mix of a magnifixent, minimalist collection. The classic code that Yves Saint Laurent is known for is still very much present in the collection, just maybe more extroverted. 
I did notice that a big majority of these looks were very night-wear looks, though some are definitely looks meant for day-wear. With belted waists and some very light-weight, free-flowing fabrics, the classic Spring/Summer feel is achieved. However, I did notice a certain fabric in the collection that I feel may be a little out of place from collection; more on that AFTER LE JUMP. 

The color orange as well as the sandy fur are two of the fabrics that stood out to me personally from this collection. While I love the color-blocking achieved with the orange as well the sleeve volumes, the fur however, does not. I always incorporate fur with Fall/Winter season (I think everyone does) however the addition of these two fur looks to the collection seem kind of peculiar to me. Well, the color scheme does match the overall collection, and it does remind me of the fur items Prada did in Fall/Winter 2007. AND, if Pilati can include plastic in his last collection, then I guess fur for Spring/Summer isn't really out of the question. 

These are the neutral looks from the collection. Whether it's a dress, a suit or a trench, the color is always synonymous with any season. A very safe choice to add to the already daring collection. The texture from these pictures look like sand and I just want to see and feel it in person cause I know it must be absolutely divine. The trench too has an interesting cut to it with arm hole and pockets  that have curved linings. 

These dresses, with a belted waist and a voluminous skirt as well as the ruffles reminds me of the flamenco dresses used in dancing. I love the color of the ruffles on Mirte's (third) as well as the shape of Kendra's (first) dresses. The way the skirt eventually settles down to form mermaid fins are very beautiful and I can't wait to see these worn out in public this coming season. 

These looks have very distinct color and shape to them. The first being a strong cobalt blue with the same shape as the flamenco dresses has a cut right though the waist. The second, an almost orangey red is a very day-wear dress; while the third and fourth features distinctive cuttings. The colors stand out very much in the collection that is almost overwhelmed by blacks, whites and neutrals. 

The Le Smoking looks are interpreted as jump suits. Whether its a low neck line, form fitting or draped, all have a classing Saint Laurent feel to them. However, I do warn you guys that jumpsuits will most likely look better on bodies that are more slimmer and longer in size. With the cinching of the waist and slight exaggeration on the hips due to the belt, it could flatter or un-flatter your look.


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