Monday, October 4, 2010

fashion collection: Givenchy Spring/Summer 2011

Riccardo Tisci's vision for Givenchy is slowly turning away from his usual gothic, Catholic influences and are absorbing different forms of inspirations. Last season we saw Tisci experimenting with prints (Christmas ones to be exact), this season he does the same, but with leopard. And how about last season's heavily structured coats? replaced by sheer fabrics draped over the body. I personaly adore the layering and colors done in the collection. The leopard print is also very define. I find his interpretation of the classical pattern fresh, focusing more on the dark lines, instead of say what Cavalli or Gabbana would do with it. 
The color palette for the collection is very basic. Black, white and a hint of cream, but with lots and lots of leopard print. Whether it's cleverly embossed on leather or printed faintly on the organza, it's everywhere. Model choice wise, Tisci choose to go with a few new faces. Natasha Poly made her first (as far as I know) appearance on the runway in Paris. Tisci's transgender assistant, Lea. T also joined the line up to my surprise, and it's great that Tisci's involving every type of woman from race, age and even gender into his shows. Kudos. SEE MORE AFTER LE JUMP. 

Here are a few of the blazer looks. I adore the print and texture done in these fabrics. The first blazer has such texture that reminded me of volcano ash from the color as well as the lumps. The cutting done on the second and third blazers are also very fine pointed. I would love to purchase both because it would be very easy to incorporate it into my wardrobe! *sigh* If only money were no object.... 

Here are a few of the leopard looks. As you can see the print is done into shirts, blazers, dresses and even pants. The sheer organza printed skirt of the third look looks absolutely amazing. The print is still visible while the legs can also be seen through. AND I AM IN LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE WITH WHAT ALA (SECOND) IS WEARING. THE FOLDING OF HER BLAZER WITH THE REVELATION OF WHITE FABRIC IS JUST PERFECT. THE SHORT CROP IS ALSO SPOT ON, FITS MY TASTE PERFECTLY. Anabela's (last) vest, with the blend of leather and the leopard print is also a very interesting experiment with fabric. 

This time around, Tisci also played with zippers. He placed zipper over hips, stomachs, waists and even shoulders. The modernism in these designs I find to be also very new to the house of Givenchy because as far as I can re-collection he's never really played with this concept yet, rather choosing to work with other aspects. The creme colors of the two outfits are very subtle and though may not be seen clearly (and I'm not too sure of this myself), but I sense a subtle bit of leopard print in here too. 

Here are the white colored looks. The leopard print is once again incorporated very subtly through the sheer organza. These looks are very clean with a no-fuss feel to them. All four of these looks (aside from the second's coat) looks very light weight and seem very appropriate for the summer time during hot weathers. ALSO I want to point out how much I love Jaime's (last) bag. The print on it looks gorgeous. 

These looks has incorporated the classic Tisci's romantic ruffles to them. Layers and layers of ruffles done in organza and leather are all formed to make blouses that are very airy and quite revealing. With the first three look's tight waist line, I would imagine only skinny fashionistas would be daring enough to wear these out; I mean, look at how it's pinching Valeria's (first) waist. Insane! 

The finale dresses were done in a bigger version of the leopard print. I find the print to be sooo beautiful, then to be made into blouses, coats and dresses, it looks even more stunning. I love the coat Natasha and Mariacarla is wearing, the bold print would be enough to fit into any basic look. The long maxi dress Iris is wearing would have easily been associated to Cavalli's work, but with the addition of the zips, it brings out the Tisci touch to it. Also the fabric on Karmen's (first) top is soo sublime. The sheerness with the print mixes together so angelically. I wish I had a shirt with that material!


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