Monday, October 4, 2010

British Vogue November 2010: Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan

Well guys, here's the November cover for British Vogue. Unxepectedly, Lara Stone got the cover while rumors had it that Rosie Huntington Whiteley was going to get it, but hey, I'll take Lara over Rosie anyday. This is actually her second British Vogue cover, her first one being in December of last year. It's great to see them style Lara in a more serene and softer fashion as compared to what Vogue Paris or Italia would do. The signature Lara elements are almost all present, her gap, her bleached brows, doe-eyed stare, except for her notorious boobs; they've decided to cover them completely which I think is a good and appropriate idea that made this cover worked.  
Lara has just recently became more mainstream. With her W cover for August of last year, I already had a sense that she's slowly gaining momentum. Then afterwards, scoring the December issue of British Vogue (her Vogue cover counts totaled up to around 6 last year!) I knew her public image was going to explode into the public eyes. I'm just so happy for her now. Having known her history in the fashion world (started working at the age of 16, now 27) she's come a long way. From her stints at rehab to the controversy with her weight, she's had to deal with so much. But now that's she's settled down with a new husband just earlier this year, things seems to have calmed down a bit for Lara.
Lara Stone-aside, to be honest I actually have no idea what she's wearing on the cover... but the pose, red font and placement of words reminded me so much of Jessica Stam's August 2007 cover. SEE THAT COVER AFTER LE JUMP. 

This is Jessica Stam's August 2007 cover. From the delicate fingers on the cheeks and the other arm going behind the head, to the slightly parted lips and messy blonde hair, both covers were taken from the waist up really do resemble one another. Either way, great covers, ones to collection from British Vogue!

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